About us
Our company provides 3D printing training, sells printers and expendable materials, and prints all kinds of products.

The main goal of our project is to introduce modern 3D printing and modelling technologies into people's everyday lives and into the educational process. For a long period of time we have built relationships with foreign partners who share their experiences and new technological solutions in the field of 3D modeling.

Moreover, our course instructor is a leading expert from Singapore's 3D printing centre. For us, every project, every course is a big responsibility, which we have successfully coped with from year to year!
Our advantages
The instructors are the Centre's leading experts in additive technology, materials science and engineering, with more than 20 years' experience in the industry.
The Student can arrange his or her own study schedule and combine it with work or study.

Opportunity to attend a workshop at our Centre and try to print a 3D-model at the end of the course.

The software is not only simple and easy to use, but also offers a wide range of functions. With the help of market-recognised IT solutions (Tinkercad) you can create your first works.
The latest printers used in the 3D printing industry. Reliable and easy-to-use machines with an easy-to-understand interface.


Our target audience
We invite children to our courses up 10 years old

Ms Winnie Teo Hoon
  • Promotion of Russian Technologies, Goods and services onto the markets of South East Asia and vice versa.
  • Attraction of investments into Southeast Asia & Russian Regional Projects
  • Development of the concept of Joint Ventures and assistance in establishing business in Singapore
Winnie practices in the plastic industry for more than 20 years, her past experience include Chief Technology Officer of Metro Wealth groups, R&D Manager of First Engineering Limited, Senior Product Development Engineer of RTP Company (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Her past current responsibilities include application development, technical support and customer service for the Asian Region. Her research expertise pertains to the development of 3D Printing Technology, degradable and bio-polymeric materials for environmental and engineering application specializing on ECO manufacturing.

Mary Lim Siau Yean
Mary has been a 3D Training Instructor for over 5 years and trained students on how to integrate 3D printing into their everyday life. She is passionate about creating lessons that both educate and inspire students. From 2018 to 2021, she served as the Lead Engineer in Progression Engineering (S) Pte Ltd, where she is heading a business segment on 3D Prototype Printing Services. Her extensive work on using 3D technology to enhance learning took a new direction where her portfolio has craft out her potential into Branded Cosmetic Display Industry as well as Industrial Application.
How are our classes going?
Online format
The programme will take place in a distance learning format. There is always an opportunity to ask the teacher a question.
Course Duration
There is no time limit for training or access to lessons. You can start a course at any time. You can arrange your own timetable.
References for training
The course is pre-recorded in English and translated into Russian by our lead teacher. You can take the course in English or in Russian as you wish.
Our pricing plans
Tuition fee

69 euro

  • Simple registration
  • Easy to use personal account
  • Access to video tutorial
  • Access to training material
  • Feedback from instructors
  • Free Master-Class upon completion of training (in Moscow or Singapore)
Pay for the course
Training program

I stage

I stage

II stage
II stage
Study of materials
III stage
III stage
Viewing lectures and completing assignments
IV stage
IV stage
End-of-course assessment
V stage
V stage
Getting a certificate
Feedback from our students
What is the cost of the course?
59 (fifty-nine) Euros
What I will receive at the end of the course?
A certificate of successful completion of the course.
What is the training format?
What equipment is required for the course?
The availability of a computer and a stable connection to the Internet will suffice. The software used in the training is free to download.
Is there any feedback from the instructor? 
Yes, any Student can ask a question through the Feedback form. The answer will be sent to the email provided during registration.
How long will it take to complete the training?
The program is designed for 16 academic hours, including independent work on presentation and software.
It’s up to you to decide when and how much you want to learn!
Who are the course instructors?
The instructors are the Centre's leading experts in additive technology, materials science and engineering, with more than 20 years' experience in the industry. 
Our Centre is always open.
Contact us to request any information on programmes, events and more.
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Our Contacts
+7 991 201 80 55
119435, Moscow, Malaya Pirogovskaya st. 18, bld. 1, office 103
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